Terms and conditions

The intention of this Platform is to provide a forum for people to deal with the stress of isolation during the coronavirus situation. The Platform is not in the business of giving professional advice.  It is simply a way for people to be able to interact on a friendly basis with others during this very difficult time. Please read carefully the below instructions before agreeing to be a volunteer or before contacting the website for assistance.  

  • Using our Platform involves interacting with real people, which can sometimes lead to unexpected situations. We cannot control what happens in the real world, and we are not responsible for it. You should use common sense and good judgment when interacting with others.

  • No money or anything of value will be requested during the use of this site.  This applies to the people asking to speak to a volunteer and to the people who are volunteering. If you have any doubts on this issue, please contact us immediately.

  • Please note that no personal information shall be exchanged between volunteers and the people seeking those volunteers.  NEVER  REVEAL YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, BANK ACCOUNT, CREDIT CARD OR ANYTHING RELATED TO YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION.

  • This site does not discriminate due to age, sex, gender, religion, race, nationality, color, creed or national origin. However, we may be restricted to language skills of each volunteer.

  • This site is not intended to give medical, legal, financial or business advice.  Accordingly, please refrain completely from discussing any of these subjects. If you ask for any type of information in these areas, or if you give any type of information in these areas you do so at your own risk.

  • If you are a licensed professional and an expert on a certain matter, it is important that the people you communicate with understand that what you say is solely your opinion. You are fully responsible for the use of any advice while providing/receiving services offered through our website.


 We are strong together.

Even apart. 

Epidemic Support is a nonprofit project (not government recognized) to connect people and solve problems during the Corona crisis.

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Terms and Conditions